Here at Renditions, our clients include collectors, designers, artists, students, newlyweds in their first apartment, couples in their dream home, and corporations with a global reach.  We serve as the link between artist and collector. As advisors on conservation, and experts on outstanding design, our team can assist you in making informed decisions regarding the best way to preserve your artwork.  We love art, we love framing, and we love our customers for making it possible.

Our hours are Mon.—Friday, 10am—6pm, and Sat. 10am—4pm.

Our Story

Established in 1974 and originally located on 82nd Street across from where Castleton Square Mall is now located, we were known as "The Untamed Art Gallery." We changed our name to Renditions Fine Art Gallery, which better reflects the diverse nature of our art. We moved to the Fashion Mall at Keystone At The Crossing, where we stayed for over 18 years. We are now located in Avalon Crossing at 71st St. and Binford Blvd.

After 25 years, Jim and Linda are ready to write the next chapter in their lives and are handing over the reigns to Ron Wise.  Ron is a fine art photographer with substantial experience in publishing and layout/design work.  He is extremely pleased to begin this new adventure and to take Renditions to new and exciting heights.  

Meet Our Team

Jane Corbin

After nearly 18 years of custom picture framing, the process never gets old! I find it is the perfect combination of art and science. My style has developed into eclectic but edited, with thoughtful pairings of old and new. At home, my walls are full but well appointed. The pieces that create my decor are deeply personal, even bordering nostalgic. With a mother who was a graphic designer and a father who refinished antiques, I am passionate about graphic patterns and well-worn finishes. I encourage our clients to be bold, have fun, and never underestimate the transformative power of a picture frame! 

My favorite framing trick: stacking multiple mouldings together to create a truly custom look. As a framer, I get to learn about the things that are the most special to our clients. We have the privilege of preserving their vacations, weddings, birthdays, achievements, memories, and just about anything else that means something  to them. It is an honor not only to hear the stories behind the things we frame but to know that the pieces we create together will enhance the walls on which they hang for years to come! 

Mary Scharnberg

An inscription in my high school yearbook reads, "Wishing you permanent residence at The Art Museum." To some extent, that phrase set the course of my career. Nineteen years and counting at Renditions has allowed me to surround myself with art and design — creative projects and creative people. My degree in art history introduced me to the language of design — color, composition, and historical reference. It also fostered a lifelong interest in the arts. Working at Renditions furthers that conversation, between art and the frame, and most importantly, between the art and the client. We have had some of the most amazing projects come through our doors — from fine art to found objects. Designing framing that both enhances the art and reflects the client's personal vision is what custom framing is all about.