Melinda Spear-Huff

Fine artist, teacher, and muralist, Melinda Spear-Huff’s passion for painting is evident. Her work captures Indiana’s countryside with an expertise that is part technical innovation and part artistic intuition. Her soft but tonally rich palette is evocative of 19th century landscape painters, lending a timeless air to her work. From misty morning landscapes to portraits of barnyard animals like Charlie the Rooster, Melinda’s work softens the hard edge of modern life, and allows the mind to wander on quieter paths filled with restful beauty.

The tranquil moments in Melinda’s work contrast the busy schedule that her role as fine artist, teacher and muralist demand. After graduating from Sheridan High School in 1992, and Indiana Wesleyan University in 1997, Melinda returned to Sheridan with her husband, Matthew Huff. Working from the old Elliott Pharmacy building in downtown Sheridan, she shares her skill as an artist with students, clients and designers. Her fine art hangs in numerous private collections. Working with fellow muralists, her depiction of a tranquil pastoral scene graces the dining room of the newly renovated Indiana Governor’s Mansion. More recently she has been commissioned by Marsh Supermarkets to add her timeless, classic and enduringly serene depiction of rural Indiana with murals painted in their newly remolded grocery stores. At the same time she is in high demand by interior designers to paint murals in homes and offices all over central Indiana. As if this weren’t enough, her fine art paintings shown exclusive at Renditions Fine Art Gallery keeps her busy painting for collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Her work is available for viewing and purchase at Renditions Fine Art Gallery, 6935 Lake Plaza Drive Suite B-8, Indianapolis.